David Coleman has a special interest in Lawns and Grasses.  Few will know that worldwide there are over a million grass species.  In his early career David worked for Fisons Ltd a name most people are familiar with, followed by 5 years with Souters of Stirling pioneers of the modern football and rugby pitches you now see on Television that look like bowling greens. John Souter and David used the drainage techniques laid down by Dr Stewart and Dr Adams of University Aberystwyth who were given a considerable sum by the Government of the day to scientifically research why Rugby, Hockey and Football pitches in clubs schools and Universities and public parks were mud baths between November and April each year and most were unplayable.  First Souters of Stirling did Hampden Park (National Stadium) Rangers Ibrox pitch and Celtic Parkhead.


As a professional advisor David went on to assist many Golf Courses, Football Clubs, Bowling Greens, Rugby Clubs, Childrens Playing Facilites, Colleges, Schools, Universities and local authorities.


David is a specialist in the subject of grass so if a lawn that looks perfect is your desire, then you have found the right man.  Many a neighbour to David has muttered words of envy at his ability to create a perfect lawn at his own house!


If you are having trouble with a difficult lawn, whether it is moss or weeds David can provide help and advise.


If you are looking for a new lawn, David can assess your requirements, location and soil condition and advise you on the best choice for your individual circumstances.  He knows the best suppliers and future maintenance advice will also be provided.


If you would really prefer synthetic grass (commonly referred to as Astroturf) he's a bit of an expert on that too!


He dealt with synthetic's for sports facilities and play areas.  Synthetic grass can be made to measure for your patio, decking, children's play area, tennis court or just for a lawn if you wish.  It doesn't need cutting or watering.  However, please remember there is absolutely no such thing as "NO maintenance" only reduced or minimal maintenance.  Even synthetic grass requires some cleaning.


Contact David now to find out how he can help you.  He insists if you want your garden to look the part remember "the lawn is the carpet of the outside room", if the carpet looks good the garden looks good and the furniture in it looks superb, like your sitting room.



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